Design with Intention

Shot on Eastern Maar Country by Hector Clark

Design With Intention Autumn / Winter 2024

In celebration of our 50th year, our latest collection draws on our heritage while honouring the growers, manufacturers and partners that bring our designs to life. Defining a moment in our history, it combines quality fabrications, considered construction and effortless Australian style.

Woman, Man & Child May Collection

Tactile Cashmere

Soft against the skin, yet warm and lightweight, cashmere is renowned as a luxury fibre. We embrace cashmere in our winter knitwear range for its timeless appeal, creating pieces that will last for years to come. In 2022, we became the first Australian fashion retailer to partner with The Good Cashmere Standard® by the Aid by Trade Foundation. The standard ensures the welfare of cashmere goats, protects natural resources and supports the local farmers that produce it.

The Good Cashmere Standard

The Good
Cashmere Standard®

Australian Fibres

Verified Australian Cotton

A design icon, our Verified Australian Cotton Heritage Sweat is proudly made using cotton sourced from Australian farms. In partnership with Oritain, we can scientifically trace our Verified fibres to the land on which they were grown.

Since 2020, Country Road has partnered with Landcare Australia to support the restoration of native habitats in cotton-growing regions of Australia. By purchasing a Verified Australian Cotton Heritage Sweat, you're supporting our work to plant native seedlings and strengthen natural ecosystems.

Landcare Australia

Verified Australian Merino Wool

Known around the world for its quality, Australian Merino wool is fine and gentle against the skin, with natural thermo-regulating properties for year-long comfort. For our Winter 24 collection, we've sourced wool from six farms in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Since 2017, we've partnered with Oritain to scientifically trace our Verified Merino wool fibres back to Australian farms. These farms are certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, a globally recognised standard that promotes animal welfare and farming best practice.


Australian Made

Our 90s Reissue Australian Made Unisex Sweat is brought to life in close partnership with ABMT Apparel, an Ethical Clothing Australia accredited manufacturer based in Melbourne. Each garment is made using Australian Good Earth Cotton®.

Good Earth Cotton

Australian Good Earth Cotton®

An Australian first, our woven flannel shirts are proudly made using Australian Good Earth Cotton®. Grown in Moree, New South Wales, the cotton is farmed using practices that focus on improving soil health, yield and water efficiency. We partner with FibreTrace® to verify the cotton from farm to finished garment.

Good Earth Cotton

The Future of Denim with Saitex

Our core denim range is made in partnership with Saitex, an industry-leading manufacturer that's revolutionising the way denim is made to address energy use, water consumption and waste. From dyeing the yarn to weaving the durable, heavier weight denim, Saitex completes every step of production in-house.

Saitex Denim

Saitex Denim

Saitex Denim

Saitex Denim

The Luxury of Leather

One of just 50, our Leather Shearling Jacket is a celebration of craft and considered design. Inspired by classic aviator silhouettes and made using supple leather lined with warm, fleecy shearling, it's designed to become more beautiful as time passes.

By purchasing this item, you're supporting Leather Working Group certified tanneries. The organisation certifies tanneries based on their environmental performance, in areas such as energy and water usage, waste management and more.

Leather Working Group