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Winter 2024

A cornerstone of our collections every season, our knitwear is designed to combine comfort, longevity and style. For Winter 24, we've sourced quality fibres such as Verified Australian Merino wool, luxurious cashmere and Australian cotton. We use these fibres to create beautifully tactile knits to fall in love with year after year.

Shot on Wurundjeri and Bunurong Country

01 Wool

Beloved for its lofty warmth, wool is a natural fibre with thermo-regulating properties, reacting to changes in body temperature. Whether in the heat of summer or the cool of the winter months, wool's breathable, durable qualities make it an enduring favourite.

The Knit Guide

Single Origin Australian
Merino Wool

Renowned worldwide for its quality, Australian Merino wool is fine and gentle against the skin.

The wool in our Merino Silk range is sourced from a single farm in Tasmania that is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. We blend this extra-fine wool with silk to create a yarn with a light yet luxurious next-to-skin feel and a beautiful lustre.

Verified Australian Merino Wool

Since 2019, we've partnered with Oritain to scientifically trace our Verified Merino wool fibres back to Australian farms. These farms are certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, a globally recognised standard that promotes animal welfare and farming best practice.

For our Winter 24 collection, we've sourced wool from six farms in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.


Wool Blends

Wool's inherent characteristics—durability, warmth and breathability, to name a few—make it ideal for blending with other fibres. In selected styles, we blend wool with alpaca fibres to create a unique fabric that is warm yet lightweight, with a soft hand feel.

02 Cashmere

Synonymous with luxury, cashmere is light and lofty against the skin, yet warm enough to wear on the coolest of days. We embrace cashmere and cashmere blends in our knitwear collections across the seasons, creating timeless designs that will last for years to come.

The Knit Guide

The Good Cashmere Standard®

In 2022, we became the first Australian fashion retailer to partner with The Good Cashmere Standard® by the Aid by Trade Foundation. The standard ensures the welfare of cashmere goats, protects natural resources and supports the local farmers that produce it.

The Good Cashmere Standard

03 Cotton

One of our signature fibres, cotton is soft, breathable and perfect for next-to-skin wear. We use it across our knitwear collections to create pieces that are invaluable for trans-seasonal layering.

The Knit Guide

Cotton Silk

Timeless in its appeal, silk has a subtle lustre and luxurious hand feel. We blend it with cotton to create a fabric with a fluid handle and elevated drape.

Australian Cotton

Australian cotton is renowned for the length and quality of its fibres, which create a uniformly strong yarn. We use it in our knitwear collections for its lightweight warmth and breathability.

Australian cotton growers are recognised as leaders in water-efficient farming, adopting cotton varieties suited to the Australian climate.

The Knit Guide Country Road
Winter 2024